Public Speaking Tips #1: Confidence is Key!

By Charlotte Combe

Why is having confidence important when public speaking?

Appearing confident allows your audience to pay attention to what you're saying rather than the way you are presenting yourself. This allows you to clearly convey the message you want to your intended audience without any distractions! Confidence is key to communication.

General tips to remaining calm and confident while speaking: 

1) Before you begin to speak, take a deep breath from your stomach muscles and take a slight pause. 

2) If you accidentally slip up during a speech don't freak out or bring attention to your error. Quickly correct yourself and continue as if it never happened.

3) Speaking loudly and slowly gives your words more power and authority meaning that your audience is more attentive. Having a loud and slow speaking voice also keeps your voice from shaking or squeaking and allows you to emphasize your most important points.

Activities you can do to boost your confidence:

1) Try doing 10 jumping jacks right before giving a speech; this will emulate what it’s like to speak in front of an audience while being nervous and will get you ready to project confidence even if you don't feel confident!

2) Practice speaking in front of friends or family members and have them critique your presentational style. Speaking in front of people you are comfortable with is also a great starting point if you are nervous about speaking to large audiences!


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