2023 International 
Public Speaking Workshops.

In summer 2023, Make a Statement's co-founder Emily Han traveled to Singapore; Johor Bahru, Malaysia; and Pontian, Malaysia to deliver three in-person public speaking workshops targeted at high school students. In the workshop, students learned about what public speaking is, why is it important, and how they can use their own voice to create social changes. The workshops were hosted at the Singapore Interact Club, 100 Lambs International School, and the Pontian Interact Club. 





2022 Public Speaking
Summer Camp.

Public speaking is often challenging for many people, especially students who are not exposed to public speaking curriculums at school. Make a Statement was excited to host its second annual summer camp. We provided a safe space for any and all students to take their first step toward public speaking. By the end of the camp, students not only became more confident speakers, but they also drafted their very own TEDx talks and learned about changing the world with their voice.






"Learned things no one would tell me on public speaking from speakers with diverse backgrounds and it's definitely inspiring."~ Elina Haber, Lebanon

"The camp was a great opportunity that built my confidence and upgraded my communication skills in a noticeable way. " ~ Shahd Nooh, Egypt

"The speakers were really friendly and they encouraged us to speak and try! I really enjoyedd!! And I learned to be confident when I speak, and when I answer to answer in the psp structure, and to create a pitch to myself to grab the attention." ~ Amal Mzayen, Lebanon

"I really liked [Day 5]. I learned the wonderful steps of the innovator process and ways to find impactful project ideas. I also learned from her experience and how she handled the challenges and difficulties through out her life. It was a wonderful session." ~ Aymen Jadda, Morocco

“I think that I really felt very comfortable in all the calls, the speakers made me feel comfortable, I feel that the environment was very comfortable.” ~ Ana Loredo, USA

"What I liked the most is how the speakers interact with the participants , I also learned a lot , I became more confident and I am sure that my next pitch will be much better" ~ Aya Charifi, Morocco

"I learned so many valuable lessons and gained insight into the art of public speaking, which I will apply to my advocacy and innovative endeavors. My favorite takeaway is that young people are most definitely capable of enacting meaningful change and public speaking with innovation will steer me in the right direction with my goals for social good." ~ Hilary Ybañez, Philippines

"This camp was an absolute blast! From managing the zoom meetings to sending emails MAS team was absolutely amazing with their organization and management. I really enjoyed the workshops and now have so much spectacular arsenal that will allow me to use my voice to the fullest. Thanks MAS! " ~ Fakiha Ahmed, Pakistan

2022 Speech & Debate Tournament.

Due to the hypercompetitive environment at Speech & Debate tournaments, novice competitors and international students who have difficulties understanding English really have a hard time improving; often times, students are intimidated by such an ambiance and choose to avoid public speaking going forward. Recognizing such an issue and determined to seek a solution, Make a Statement held its first international Speech & Debate tournament in the summer of 2021. Make a Statement aimed to create an easy-going environment where each debater receives detailed, personalized feedback from experienced judges. 






"As a judge for MaS JV Speech & Debate Tournament, I can say that the organizational skills of the team are beyond incredible! They scheduled the entire day and RDF in a clear and concise format. Highly recommend them!" ~ Ella (Yi Xiu) Wang, Canada, Judge

"Make a Statement is evidently devoted to providing a safe space for everyone inside and outside speech and debate. It is inspiring and amazing to see people devoted to promoting inclusivity and diversity in a world that desperately needs it." ~ Reid Pinckard, Texas, Judge

"This was a great tournament that had amazing judges and a stress-free environment. It's a wonderful opportunity to practice and get different perspectives and comments on your performance!" ~ Izzie Tran, California, Competitor

"It was really nice to have a tournament with people closer to our ages running it!" ~ Grace Ableser-Jaffe, California, Competitor


"Make a Statement" Hoodies

Brand: S&S Active Wear
8.5 oz.(US) 14.1 oz.(CA)
80/20 cotton/ polyester blend fleece with 100% cotton face
Pouch pocket; matching drawcord
Embroidered design in the chest area with cute yellow star design
Color: lavender
Price: $30

Design inspiration: Make a Statement was first founded with the hope that every student who walks out of our organization can use the power in their voices to make their own statement in the future. Thus, Make a Statement's branding has always been a yellow star, which represents the shining hope of a future with every student's voice empowered. The hoodie incorporates both of these ideals into a single line of phrase - "Make a Statement" - with a star in the middle.

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"Honey Lemon Soda" Stickers

Size: 2" x 2"
Contour cut
Vinyl finish with 2-4 year minimum outdoor life
Design by @chloellai on Instagram
Price: $2.50/sticker

Design inspiration (by @chloellai): Falling in love with lemon soda or Miura Kai? With inspiration from Murata Mayu’s manga Honey Lemon Soda, this sticker illustrates the love-filled relationship between Miura Kai and Ishimori Uka. After getting a taste of the sweet yet fizzy Miura Kai, Ishimori Uka is able to shine brighter and fly higher than ever before!

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