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Passionate about public speaking, increasing the accessibility of public speaking education, or making an impact on your community? Become a part of Make a Statement to help us bring public speaking education to all!

To join, please email your resume and a paragraph description on why you want to join Make a Statement to

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Expect a response within 3-4 business days!


Are you interested in one of the following?

- Holding a workshop with MaS
- Holding a program with MaS
- Featuring MaS on your publication/organization
- Inviting MaS to an event on public speaking
- Other partnership ideas

Make a Statement would love to partner with you to bring public speaking education to as many students as possible. To request a partnership, simply email! Expect a response within 1-2 business days.

Start a Chapter

Want to start a Make a Statement Chapter at your school or in your community? 

As a Make a Statement Chapter, you will receive chapter-exclusive resources and opportunities. In order to expand public speaking education, you will also receive 10 sets of public speaking curriculums that are ready to be taught. The curriculums each come with a set of slides, homework assignments, and activities for students.

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